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What is a blind offer in real estate?

So your agent put in the remarks of your home that is listed “No blind offers” and you’re thinking.. I want all offers, what do you mean?

In this video you will learn what a blind offer is, and reasons why you should or should not accept them.


What is a blind offer?

Well, A blind offer is when someone puts in an offer on your property without seeing the inside. It is rare that blind offers go through past due diligence, and here’s why:

Once an investor or eager buyer in a crazy market gets their blind offer accepted, then they use the due diligence period and finally have a chance to see the inside.

Once inside, they noticed it wasn’t exactly what they were looking for, and they backed out of the contract. Just like that.

Now What?

So now, you have to re-list and questions arise from other buyers as to why your house got re-listed and didn’t go through the last contract. One concern is some crazy repair on an inspection came through and the previous buyer backed out.

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