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The market is always changing. Usually, when it’s a great time to sell, that means it’s a not so great time to buy. Your current interest rate is low and lets face it, you may never get that 2% interest rate again! Yet, all of the agents you come across tell you now is the time to sell, and aren’t even thinking about how much your mortgage would go up just from downsizing. While that is a real concern, there are ways to tackle that interest rate and get into the home you have been wanting. 

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“Selling your home is similar to selling your memories. It can be emotionally draining, but don’t forget that you are about to make more memories in your new one.”

– Unknown

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Let's take a deep dive into what you are wanting, what your options are, and then decide if it makes sense for you to sell right now. 

Pre listing plan

You will know EXACTLY what I recommend to get you top dollar for your home. Full transparency.  

Personalized Listing Plan

Every home is different. That's why in this personalized listing plan, you will know how I am advertising the highlights of your home. This way, every buyer will know the details without having to search for the information. 

Offers: Good vs. bad

depending on your situation, the terms of the offer can sometimes be more important than the price. We will get the best offer for YOUR situation. 

Now what?

Once we get you into your new home, the first January after your purchase, I will send you the information you need for the home tax exemption. Plus, a free CMA each year so you always know your equity. 

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5 Ways To De-Clutter Faster When Selling in Happyville

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Set Up a No Obligation
Home Evaluation

Fill out the information to the right with your home details. In the description add any upgrades added since you bought your home.

This will be a free comparable market analysis (CMA) on your home emailed to you. I will take the homes that have sold near you and do an estimation on how much your home is worth based on the current market. 

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About Selling Real Estate in Georgia?

In the short answer, of course you can. There are pros and cons to selling your home on your own. Pros would be saving the 3-5% commission you give to the realtor you would hire. (You would most likely still pay the 3% to the buyer who is using a realtor) You would want to price your home competitively in hopes that any traffic you get will be more desirable. Set your home up for showings. think about a neutral home style that can be appealing to everyone’s eye. repaint your walls white, keep neutral colors around the home, improve curve appeal by good landscaping around your home. Now, market your home. You can use Zillow and other platforms that allow non realtors to market their home. Make sure you get great pictures, so people don’t skip over the listing. Don’t forget to put those for sale by owner signs throughout your neighborhood and at the entrance. (Only on weekends for the entrance, and with HOA approval.) The Cons of selling your home without a professional is you will not get as much marketing reach unless you pay a lot of money. This would be fine if you are not trying to sell your home within 3-6 months. You also would need to make sure you are available for any drive-by that want to see your home immediately because they are already there. Keep organized with booking showings, and make sure your negotiation skills are dusted off and top of mind. Usually, selling with an educated realtor can get your home sold quicker, and for more money than you would get selling on your own. If you could get more for your home WITH paying the 6-8% total commission, would you still say no?

The buyer is responsible for paying closing costs. Yet, it can be negotiated.  

You do not have to get a home inspection before selling. Here are the pros and cons of getting an inspection before selling: Pros: get ahead of repairs, potentially close faster, could list your home for more. CONS: you must disclose any big problems, (which the buyer will usually find out anyways when they do their home inspection), you must spend money to do it. There are different reasons why you should get an inspection before selling or should not. Speaking with an experienced advisor (realtor) can lead you to the proper decision. Some cases it’s good to do, and some cases it just doesn’t make sense to do it. 

There are some online websites where you can plug in your address to get an estimate of your home’s worth. Then, you can see similar homes in your neighborhood have sold for the past 3-6 months. Do you have upgrades that they didn’t have when they sold? (This doesn’t always add home value, it depends on the upgrades.) Is it the same bedroom/ bathrooms? Square footage? If you both have a basement, are they both finished? There are many factors to consider when pricing your home, you can always call a realtor and get a CMA on your home for free. Or, just fill out the information on this page and I can do it for you with no obligation. 

It is based on supply and demand. In a simple concept, when the real estate inventory is high with plenty of homes for sale, but a shortage of interested buyers, it’s a buyer’s market. When the supply is low but there are many interested buyers, it’s a seller’s market. 

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