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Location of Milton, Georgia

Located in Fulton County, Milton is 30 miles north of Atlanta. 

Why You'll LOVE it:

Why You'll HATE it:

Reason 1

A lot of farm land and rural areas. 

Reason 1

Further from the city of Atlanta, especially during rush hour.

Reason 2

New construction all of the time. 

Reason 2

Need a vehicle. Nothing is really walkable distance in most homes. 

Reason 3

Small town, quaint feel throughout the city. 

Reason 3

Cost of living in Milton is very high. 

Reason 4

Quiet town with equestrian settings throughout.

Reason 4

Most homes are on Septic tank because of Milton being a newer city. 

Reason 5

Little to no Crime in the city of Milton

Reason 5

May need to call someone to install high speed internet. 

Home Styles In Milton, Georgia

There are a range of home styles from Single family homes, Townhomes, and Equestrian style farm homes that are nestled in the rural area of Milton, Georgia. 


Large Lot Sizes

You can find land on an acre and more very easily in Milton, Georgia. You can build on this land or have a home already built for you! As Milton is a newer city, most homes are fairly new. 



The equestrian community in Milton makes it easy to feel like you are far away from the city, yet in reality you can find land close to the city of Milton. 


Town Homes

There are many Newly built Townhomes in and around Milton, Georgia. Many of them have a lot of space and there are some located near crabapple road, which is where downtown Milton is. 


There are more schools in Milton, Georgia. Do your research on each school you want your child to go to. Here is the link to all of the schools in the area. Milton Schools 

Places of Interest

Most of the fun adventures will be located in the neighboring city of Alpharetta, Georgia. 

Purchased by the city in 2018, This former country club is now open to the public. 

Cork and Glass is a great place in Alpharetta for a wine tasting experience. 

With local retailers and live music happening at Crabapple Market, it truly is the place to be. 

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