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Cherokee County Relocation Guide: Your Essential 4-Step Checklist!

Are you moving  to Cherokee County and want to avoid forgetting any transfers needed when moving from state to state? In this video I am going to cover the 4 most important to-do’s that you need to accomplish before relocating to Cherokee County, so that you can avoid any pesky delays. Personally, I’ve relocated from Georgia, to Nevada, and back to Georgia in one week. There were some important things I wish I knew before moving out of state that would have made the transition less stressful. Make sure to stick around to the end for my opinion of  the most important tip when relocating to Cherokee County, Georgia, which would have allowed me to stay in Nevada if I had known this tip at the time. 

Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:


  • VERY  important research to conduct, so that you are able to stay in Cherokee County after you relocate.  
  • Important phone numbers and addresses you will need when relocating to Cherokee County from out of state, and where to find them. 
  • Two things you MUST transfer when moving from another state

Number 1: Visit your new state and city before you move.

Whether you’re moving because of a job relocation or a spontaneous decision, it’s always best practice to physically be in the area you are relocating to before you move there.

 There have been times I have driven through cities in Cherokee county and smelled a daily stench that is there because of certain factories, or farms that are close by. A smell that lingers in or around your area may not be an issue for you, but consider it may be an issue for a buyer later down the road when you decide to sell. 

If it’s not possible for you to go to the city you’re moving to first, then do a Google street view. See if there are any factories or farms nearby where a certain smell would bother you. 

Number 2: Keep a proof of residence handy when you buy your Georgia home.

  • Screenshot it
  • Keep it in your notes
  • Favorite it in your photos…

Save it wherever you have to so you can find that proof easily, because you’re going to need it for multiple things including:

  • Transferring your drivers license
  • Registering your vehicle
  •  Enrolling your child in school.

If you want to know more about what schools are in the area you’re wanting to move to, click on the links below and the list of schools will be on that page. 

Number 3: Contacts you need to find when moving to Georgia.

You’e going to need to locate your local DDS customer service center when transferring your license, and for your vehicle registration, you have 30 calendar days to register your car from out of state. This can be done at the Cherokee County Tag Office. To make it easier on you, I have put the addresses, phone numbers, and the hours open for both Offices Here 

Number 4: do your research on job qualifications

Now..  number four is mainly for the people who are spontaneously moving out of state. When I moved to Nevada I did it because I was an aspiring bartender when I was 22 years old. I packed up everything and road tripped out of Georgia.

My Aunt lives in Vegas and she let me stay with her, so I didn’t think I needed to know much about moving there since I already had a place to stay, and advice from someone who lives there..

So, I went to the Vegas strip to apply for bartending jobs just to find out that you have to be a part of a union to join any employment on the strip, especially for bartending. So, that was a small roadblock and I figured I would just join the union. Then I found out it can take months and months to be able to join a union there. I was used to getting a job in a day at any bar in my hometown, so this was a shock for me and I had to go back to Georgia within a week.

What's Next?

Alright, with that embarrassing story behind me, now that you know my top 4 to-dos before moving to Cherokee County, just make sure you implement them. It will make for a smoother transition.

If you are moving and haven’t decided which city in Cherokee County you want to move to yet, or you have decided and want to know more about your surrounding cities, then tune into my next video, Where I will walk you through my favorite parts of each city located in the County.

Let's Connect.

If you have any questions about Cherokee County or the cities nestled in it feel free to send me an email at or give me a call at 470-302-4113. I’m happy to give you the straight goods. Cheers!!



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