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Roswell, Georgia

Roswell is a great city that has kept its historic look. 

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Location of Roswell, Georgia

Roswell is a close drive to Atlanta, yet far enough away where you get the best of both worlds from city life, to historic life. 

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Reason 1

Cool shops and restaurants in downtown Roswell

Reason 1

Not many new homes, a lot of them have been built decades ago. 

Reason 2

Kept the historic charm in city of Roswell

Reason 2

Traffic can get bad, because it is pretty close to Atlanta.

Reason 3

Nature, green space and parks. 

Reason 3

Downtown area is minimal (yet lively)


As always, do your research on what school you would like to attend. Here is the list of all schools in Roswell, Georgia.


Places of Interest

Roswell is a great place for fun and laughter. 

I love it here. I actually used to bartend on canton street. They do not have an official website at the time i am writing this. But, here is a blog.




Great place to check out the old mill


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