It’s Time For YOU To Be The One In Control

It’s not your job to deal with the stress that comes with agents keeping you in the dark with your transactions. But it is YOUR life. Let me show you a different way.

you're the boss

It's Time For You To Stop Being Left In The Dark

Some agents float you through a transaction, wait for you to reach out to them, give you what THEY think is important information, and leave you in the dark about the rest. Unfortunately, it is far too common.

On the Contrary...

I want to understand what is going on in your life

Emotions can run high, and I want to understand what stage of life you are in so that I can make sure you know what you want, because it matters. Sometimes its hard to know exactly what you need. Divorce? Growing family? Empty nester? All of these play a big role in what you are looking for, and you may not know what that is yet, I want to find out what fits your needs best.

Quote from a client

“I’ve been buying and selling homes since I was 25 and you’ve already done more work for me than the prior 7-8 agents have combined.”

-Matthew McCarty

Brand Promise & Core Values

Here are 5 things I will never Compromise on

This way, you know what you’re getting before you even meet me. 

This is probably the biggest one. I fuel my life by honesty and expect the same in return. In any situation, honesty will get you further than a lie that leaves you exhausted. 

As this one goes along with honesty, some people think withholding information isn’t the same as lying. Oh, I believe that is further from the truth. I will lay every aspect and situation out there. No hidden agendas that would break someones trust. 

Just because something aligns with my values, does not mean it aligns with yours. (And vice-versa) 

I can understand just about any situation. I would sometimes call this a weakness considering it has led people to come back into my life who’s bridge should have been left burned. Yet, it has also led people back into my life who truly made a mistake, and are wonderful people. I’m no perfect person, and have made plenty of mistakes in my lifetime and continue to make them. But, I always learn from them.

Communication is such a valuable strength to learn and have. I always improve on my communication with others. I respect it when I get the same in return.

Work-life balance is so important to me as I am a present mother. I will not drop a plan with my family to meet someone elses needs in a moments notice. BUT, I will schedule a time that works for both of us to make sure no steps get missed. With that being said, there are exceptions that cannot wait. As my family is number one in my life, I do pride myself on always fixing a problem instantly when things go sideways, and I will ALWAYS be available for that. 

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When it’s time…

Here's The Ways We Can Work Together

If you have gotten this far something must have caught your eye and aligned with your values. Browse on one of the three sections below that fit your needs at this time in your life, and soak in that extra information that can help you in your real estate journey.


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hey there...

I'm Jodie Sherwood

I am a professional realtor in Atlanta, Georgia committed to providing you with the answers you are looking for when dealing with your biggest asset. I want you to know that YOU are in the driver seat, and I’m here to show you the steps to get to your destination.

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